The Humanity Project 4 Parents


Respect for your life, 

your teen's life

& the life of 

everyone else on the roads.

(Parent education workshop)

What's This All About?

Teen Driver At Home?


How exciting! Let's help them drive! Oh, you're gonna have so much fun!!

What Can You Do?


More than you think! Teen drivers learn most by watching their parents drive! That's a fact ... you know, scientific studies and everything!

We Can Help You Help Them!


Can you spare about 20 minutes to save your teen's life? Yep, we thought so! So scroll down to begin our very cool and totally no-preaching online workshop : "I Care 4 Parents!" Really, it's fun! 


What You'll Need ...

Just a few things to have handy before you start

  1. Two new, clean sheets of paper.
  2. A small ball (like a tennis ball ... or even a pair of rolled-up socks will do!)
  3. A wrapped piece of candy (like a Tootsie Roll. Or just one more sheet of paper is OK too -- but a small sheet, please!)

  • Hey, come on, play along, OK? Remember this could save your teen's life! 
  • Plus it's fun!! Honest!! So go get the stuff ... We'll wait. 
  • And finally, have your sound on & turned up to a comfortable volume.

Get Started!

You're all set to go! Now put down that phone and step on the gas! 

Er, no wait, that's for later ...

For now, just click the box below. You know, that one that says, "Click here to start!" Yep, that's the one. Good luck! 

Click here to start!

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